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Where can I apply the Icy Hot® patch?

Icy Hot® patches are designed to work on muscle aches, tension points, stiffness, joint pain and arthritis from the neck down.

Are there instances when Icy Hot® products should not be used?

Please see package warnings for precautions when using Icy Hot® products.

Can I use Icy Hot® products after their expiration date?

Icy Hot® products should be used prior to their expiration date as the active ingredients may not be as effective in expired products. In addition, the adhesive on Icy Hot® patches may not be adequate after the expiration date.

Can I be physically active while wearing an Icy Hot® patch?

Yes. All Icy Hot® patches are made of flexible, no mess fabric and will stay attached during physical activity.

Can I reuse an Icy Hot® patch?

Icy Hot® patches should not be used more than once.

How often can I use Icy Hot® products?

Please refer to the product use directions for specific instructions on how often to safely apply Icy Hot® products.

Where can I get a coupon for Icy Hot® products?

Any coupons that are currently available can be found on our Special Offers page.

Can Icy Hot® patches be used with other Icy Hot® products?

Icy Hot® patches should not be used with any other topical analgesics.

What are the active ingredients in Icy Hot® products?

All Icy Hot® products contain varying levels of Menthol. In addition, Icy Hot® Advanced Pain Relief Cream and Icy Hot® Arthritis Pain Relief Lotion contain Camphor while Icy Hot® Pain Relieving Balm and Icy Hot® Pain Relieving Cream contain Methyl Salicylate.

Can I use Icy Hot® products while pregnant?

Women who are pregnant, or think they may be pregnant, should check with their healthcare professional before using Icy Hot® products.

How many Icy Hot® patches can I apply at one time?

You may wear one Back, XL Back, ANL , or Advanced Patch at a time. However, with the New Micro Patch you may wear up to four patches at a time.

Do you make any odorless Icy Hot® products?

Yes. Icy Hot® Vanishing Scent Pain Relieving Gel has a scent that disappears in minutes.

Can children use Icy Hot® products?

All Icy Hot® products can be used for children over 12 years of age. For children 12 years or younger, parents should ask a doctor.

Are the Icy Hot® patches latex free?

The Icy Hot® patches do not contain latex.

Are Icy Hot® products gluten free?

We have not added gluten to our products; however, we have not tested for the absence of gluten. Therefore, we cannot certify they are gluten free.