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Lidocaine your pain. With Icy Hot Lidocaine Patch.

Two active ingredients to relieve pain fast.

  • Desensitizes Aggravated Nerves

  • Numbs Away Pain

  • Targets More Pain Receptors*

  • Easy to Apply and Remove

    *Among counter-irritant topical pain relievers

Great for:

Back – Neck – Leg – Arm

Adults and children over 12 years:

  1. Clean and dry affected area
  2. Remove backing from patch by firmly grasping both ends and gently pulling until backing separates in middle
  3. Carefully remove smaller portion of backing from patch and apply exposed portion of patch to affected area
  4. Once exposed portion of patch is positioned, carefully remove remaining backing to completely apply patch to affected area
  5. Use 1 patch for up to 12 hours

Children 12 years or younger: ask a doctor.

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