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Our engagement

Icy Hot and KidSport share a passion for sports and believe that everyone should have access to the opportunity to get in the game, regardless of their financial situation.

KidSport mission is to provide funding to ensure as many children as possible can access sport and the many physical and mental benefits they provide.  

Together, we are creating a movement that promotes sport and physical activity for kids and celebrates the benefits and joys that accompany it.

1 in 3 Canadian children don’t have access to registered sports due to financial barriers.

Greg Ingalls, CEO KidSport Canada and Nate Challen, General Manager of Sanofi Consumer Health Canada.

Our commitment

Icy Hot is proud to support KidSport with a donation of $500,000. Together we hope to inspire the next generations of young athletes. 

Partnership impact:

Raising awareness among families in need

By partnering with KidSport, we are raising awareness of the financial support available to parents who face financials barriers to putting their children in registered sports. Our shared goal is to ensure no child is left watching from the sidelines.

Empowering children through sports

Sport has the power to help kids build self-confidence, resilience, and discipline – all skills that build a strong foundation for success in all aspects of their lives. With KidSport, we hope to enable and empower as many kids as possible to pursue sport, and benefit from all that it has to offer.

Strengthening communities

Icy Hot’s commitment to building strong communities is enhanced through its partnership with KidSport, increasing access to quality sport programs in vulnerable and marginalized communities. With over 100 sports that are eligible for KidSport funding, kids have many options to pursue their dreams. 

KidSport - Fueling the Future

KidSport is a Canadian charity that provides financial assistance to children, providing them the opportunity to participate in sports regardless of their family’s financial situation. With over 165 chapters across Canada, KidSport helps over 18,500 children per year play registered sports. 

Icy Hot and KidSport:

Changing Lives Through the Power of Youth Sports

Join us and get involved

Find out more about KidSport and how you can be part of the team. Together, we can make a difference by helping children reach their full potential, both physically and mentally, through the power of sports.