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Ice works fast, heat makes it last.*

Purpose, passion, and commitment guide everything we do. Icy Hot® is America’s #1 topical pain relief brand† with over 50 years of expertise. Our comprehensive portfolio of adult and kids solutions help fuel your resilience to Rise from Pain.

*Refers to cooling and warming sensations. Excludes lidocaine products.

†Among OTC topical analgesics.

How does contrast therapy work?

Icy Hot® uses menthol to deliver fast-acting, targeted relief you can feel working instantly, bringing the power of contrast therapy* where and when you need it most. IcyHot's cooling sensation works to dull our bodies' pain signals, followed by a soothing warming sensation to relax the pain away.

Experience contrast therapy

The hot effect

The restorative power of a heating sensation melts the pain away and provides long-lasting relief. Icy Hot® boosts blood flow and brings a warming sensation that lasts, relieving pain to help keep you in the game.

The icy effect

Icy Hot®'s menthol powered formula delivers a cooling sensation that kicks in right away. Our powerful pain relieving products offer a cooling sensation as an ice pack, bringing fast and targeted relief to sore muscles and joints.

Ingredients that pack a punch

Our formulations don’t play around when it comes to helping relieve your pain.


When you're the leader, everyone wants to be like you — but they always end up following. Icy Hot® is the U.S. topical pain care thought leader and innovator, bringing more pain-relief solutions and reaching more households‡ than any other brand in the category. With 4x the amount of menthol than the leading branded competitor*, Icy Hot® keeps consumers coming back for more.

‡Nielsen Panel 52 Week WE 12.10.21

 *Icy Hot Original 2.5oz Roll-On

Discover our portfolio

Browse our full line of pain-relieving solutions, including patches, creams, gels, sprays, roll-ons, balm, and foam. Conquer pain with our specially crafted products for muscle and joint aches, bruises, and arthritis.

Our triumphs

Icy Hot® has been scoring big for over 50 years. Learn about awards that recognize our commitment to innovation and excellence.