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Ice works fast, heat makes it last.*

Purpose, passion, and commitment guide everything we do. Icy Hot® has been committed for over 50 years to delivering safe and effective solutions for fast-acting and targeted pain relief. Purpose inspires everything we do. Our comprehensive portfolio of topical pain-relief solutions help fuel your resilience to Rise from Pain.

*Excludes lidocaine products.

What makes us different?

Pain relief you can trust

Icy Hot® is America’s #1 topical pain relief brand. Experience our pain-relieving products firsthand to understand why.

Among OTC topical analgesics

Experience contrast therapy*

It starts with a cold sensation, followed by a soothing warmth. Icy Hot® harnesses the power of cold and heat to deliver fast-acting pain relief.

*Excludes lidocaine products.

Ingredients that pack a punch

From the maximum-strength lidocaine available without a prescription, to the dual power of menthol and camphor, our formulations don’t play around when it comes to helping relieve your pain.

Among OTC topical analgesics

Fast-acting relief

Icy Hot® delivers fast-acting, targeted relief you can feel working — where and when you need it most.

Explore our products

Browse our full line of pain-relieving solutions, including patches, creams, gels, sprays, roll-ons, balm, and foam.

Icy Hot® vs. the competition

When you're the leader, everyone wants to be like you — but they always end up following. Icy Hot® is the U.S. topical pain care thought leader and innovator, bringing more pain-relief solutions and reaching more households‡ than any other brand in the category. That's why consumers keep making us number one.

‡Nielsen Panel 52 Week WE 12.10.21

The icy effect

The cooling effect* is the first thing you experience when applying Icy Hot®.

*Excludes lidocaine products.

The hot effect

Then a soothing, warming* sensation follows to deliver relief at the site of pain.

*Excludes lidocaine products.

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2022 Shorty Awards Winner

The 14th Annual Shorty Awards Results are in: Icy Hot: Comebaq Courts WINS Emerging Platform Partnership category & receives SILVER distinction in Twitch category and BRONZE distinction in Pharma & Healthcare category.

The Shorty Awards is an annual, international flagship awards competition honoring brands, agencies & organizations producing great content across digital and social. Icy Hot: Comebaq Courts won the Emerging Platform Partnership award, which honors a brand, agency or organization who effectively and creatively integrated an influencer, celebrity or ambassador into their social media or digital marketing campaign optimized for an emerging social media platform.


A female runner mid-stride.

2021 CHPA Awards winner

Icy Hot® is honored to be recognized as a 2021 Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA) Educational Foundation U.S. Self-Care Marketing Awards Winner.

This award recognizes the work Icy Hot®, along with the Shaquille O’Neal Foundation and the National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA), have done to help people Get Game Ready!

In 2020, we helped 23 underserved high schools in the U.S. Get Game Ready via grants to support improvements in their athletic programs. We remain committed to and look forward to continue supporting communities to rise up and pain sufferers #RiseFromPain.

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