Comebaq Courts

Comebaq Courts is an initiative by the Shaquille O'Neal Foundation to refurbish public sports courts and fields to strengthen communities across the U.S. So kids have well-equipped basketball courts and other safe spaces to play ball.

Some improvements to the courts include:

Fresh floor resurfacing

Custom color and graphics

State-of-the-art LED scoreboards

Seating areas and shade structures

Updated basketball standards

The newest Comebaq Courts are coming to Miami and Atlanta later in 2022.

Check out the Comebaq Courts

See below for pictures capturing the essence of four unforgettable editions since 2021 (Las Vegas, Miami, Newark, Atlanta).

About the Shaquille O'Neal Foundation

The Shaquille O'Neal Foundation creates pathways for underserved youth to help them achieve their full potential. The Foundation works to instill hope and bring about change across the US, collectively shaping a brighter future for our children.

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