How Does TerraCycle® Work?

TerraCycle® is different from your local curbside recycler. They focus on recycling the tough stuff—materials that most local recycling programs won't handle. By partnering with brands, retailers, and other stakeholders who fund the recycling process, TerraCycle® allows you to send unrecyclable. Sanofi products that may otherwise get thrown away. For additional information on what products go into your TerraCycle® box, consult TerraCycle®’s website here.

Here’s How to Recycle Your Icy Hot® Products

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How Do I Get Started With TerraCycle®?

All Products Except Aerosols. Click here to learn more about recycling aerosols.


To start recycling non-aerosol packaging with TerraCycle®, click here to fill out the TerraCycle® form and receive your FREE recycling label.


Start gathering your eligible Icy Hot® packaging items. As part of a larger partnership between Sanofi Consumer Health and TerraCycle®, you can also include packaging from other Sanofi Consumer Health Care brands.


When you’re ready to recycle, simply print the shipping label using the form below or from your TerraCycle® account.


Pack your items in a cardboard box—a reused one, if possible, to support the environment—and send them off to TerraCycle®!

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TerraCycle® Tips

Sanofi’s CHC Partnership with TerraCycle®

All Sanofi Consumer Health Care brands are teaming up with TerraCycle®!

Stock Up Before You Ship Out

To reduce the environmental impact of frequent small shipments, we recommend collecting and sending multiple items in one box. Pro tip: gather items from family and friends to make your shipment count! TerraCycle® also accepts your curbside recycling packaging!

Collect Your Rewards

Every time you send a shipment back to TerraCycle®, you’ll earn points. These points can be redeemed at the TerraCycle® store or donated to your favorite charity!

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