Targeted pain relief you can feel working instantly.

Rise from pain with the Icy Hot® Arm, Neck and Leg Patch. Feel the power of Icy Hot® contrast therapy — it starts out with a cooling sensation to dull your pain, followed by a warming sensation to relieve pain fast.

Plus, the patch is made with a comfortable fabric that you can wear for up to eight hours.

Targeted pain relief


Wear up to eight hours

Cooling menthol

Use as directed.

Size: 5-count pack

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Targeted relief for:


Back Aches






Product Information

    Temporarily relieves minor aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with:
    • arthritis
    • simple backache
    • strains
    • sprains
    • bruises
    Adults and children 12 years of age and older:
    • remove backing from patch by firmly grasping both ends and gently pulling until backing separates in  middle
    • carefully remove smaller portion of backing from patch and apply exposed portion of patch to affected  area
    • once exposed portion of patch is positioned, carefully remove remaining backing to completely apply patch to affected area
    • apply to affected area not more than 3 to 4 times daily 
    • wash hands after applying or removing patch. Throw away the patch by folding sticky ends together.

    Children under 12 years of age: ask a doctor

    For external use only 

    Do not use
    • on wounds or on irritated or damaged skin
    • with a heating pad 
    When using this product
    • use only as directed
    • do not bandage tightly
    • avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes
    • do not expose the area to local heat or to direct sunlight
    • rare cases of serious burns have been reported with products of this type
    • a transient burning sensation may occur upon application but generally disappears in several days
    • avoid applying into skin folds 
    Stop use and ask a doctor if
    • condition worsens or symptoms persist for more than 7 days
    • symptoms clear up and occur again within a few days
    • redness is present or excessive skin irritation occurs
    • you experience severe burning pain, swelling, or blistering where the product was applied

    If pregnant or breast-feeding, ask a health professional before use. 

    Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away.


A boxer demonstrates a left-handed jab.

    Menthol 5%

    Menthol is a topical analgesic that provides pain relief.

    aluminum hydroxide, cellulose gum, glycerin, isopropyl myristate, methyl acrylate/2-ethylhexyl acrylate copolymer, nonoxynol-30, polyacrylic acid, polysorbate 80, sodium polyacrylate, sorbitan sesquioleate, starch/acrylic acid graft copolymer sodium salt, talc, tartaric acid, titanium dioxide, water

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You may be able to use your HSA and FSA tax-preferred savings account to purchase certain OTC products like Icy Hot® Arm, Neck and Leg Patches. The passage of the CARES Act by Congress includes provisions to restore OTC eligibility under tax-preferred HSA and FSA accounts. Your plan details may vary, so save your receipt and check with your benefits or health provider for eligibility.

  • Do not use Icy Hot® Arm, Neck and Leg Patches with other Icy Hot® products or any other topical pain analgesics. Use all products only as directed.

  • Do not use a heating pad or ice pack while using Icy Hot® Arm, Neck and Leg Patches.

  • Yes, please refer to the package for expiration dates. Do not use Icy Hot® Arm, Neck and Leg Patches after the labeled expiration date. Use as directed.

  • Icy Hot® Arm, Neck and Leg Patches do not contain aspirin or aspirin derivatives.

  • While the time it takes Icy Hot® Arm, Neck and Leg Patches to start working varies by individual, most can feel fast relief.

  • For adults and children over 12 years, apply one Icy Hot® Arm, Neck and Leg Patch to the affected area for up to 8 hours. Repeat as necessary, but do not use more than 3 to 4 times daily. Use as directed.

  • Icy Hot® Arm, Neck and Leg Patches can be purchased without a prescription. Visit the Where to Buy page to find your closest retailer.

  • Women who are pregnant or think they may be pregnant should check with their healthcare provider before using Icy Hot® Arm, Neck and Leg Patches.

  • Icy Hot® Arm, Neck and Leg Patches may be worn under clothing. See product packaging for complete usage directions. Use as directed.

  • Icy Hot® Arm, Neck and Leg Patches cannot be reused.

  • Each Icy Hot® Arm, Neck and Leg Patch is 8cm x 12cm. Yes, patch may be cut into smaller sizes with scissors prior to removal of backing. Please use and dispose as directed.

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